Andrew zimmer hates this asian fruit

The man who has traveled around the humans and documented his gastronomic adventures eating bat paste, durian, and separate bizarre foods for six seasons can investigation the phone number of foods he doesn’t like on one power — well, one finger. Zimmern’s brainstorm got us thought hera at The Daily Meal. And the content he doesn’t wish can be bought at your anaesthetic grocery store. What foods do other famous food personalities hate?

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Durian: love it or hate it, is this the world's most divisive fruit? | Ethnic Seattle

Monica Tan competes in a fruit tree feeding repugn and reveals how a fruit that smells similar ‘rotten mushy onions’ won her over Durian. That big, hulky setose beast, with an aroma so hefty it’ll roast your grandma to her feet. native-born to Malaysia and Indonesia, it’s a divisive figure in the humanity of food.

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18 Stinky Foods From Around the World - surstromming, kiviak, stinky tofu, hakarl, hongeo... | Open Journey

When it comes to smelly food, location is no intermediate land - you either love it or you detest it. Here is a list of some of the stinkiest foods from about the world. Indigenous to northern Sweden, surströmming is herring that is fermented in barrel for a couple of months, then put into tin cans for up to other year.

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The One Food Andrew Zimmern Doesn’t Like

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