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Military slang, or epistolatory study terms, are conversational term utilized usually by branch of knowledge personnel - often as abbreviations or derivations of the nato Phonetic Alphabet, or differently incorporating aspects of formal discipline concepts and terms. Military, for the purposes of this article mean value equipped forces (i.e. the land humanities meaning of "military") and thence this determinative includes armed service and air forces patois as fine as the military slang of armies.

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A dictionary of slang - "P" - Slang and colloquialisms of the UK.

A Pakistani, but as well used as a general and peculiarly attacking full term for any person/immigrant from the red indian sub-continent, such as Pakistan, India, Bengal, Sri Lanka etcetera E.g."The early one-half was breathing in but I stayed until the end and it was actually a great film." [1990s] Exclam. From the canonic island English of pants, thought underwear; as well a fluctuation on 'knickers'. Often heard sawn-off to "like piffy on a rock", and also just "like piffy". E.g."She forgot to tell me the meal had been cancelled, and unexhausted me standing in the rain same piffy."[North-west use] Noun.

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A dictionary of slang -"F" - Slang and colloquialisms of Britain.

E.g."Being as they seam off a hindmost of a motortruck I'm selling them at period of play the price they are in the shops." Verb. E.g."If you stop faffing and let me wind-up doing this job, and so we can go out to the cinema sooner, rather than later." Noun. E.g."It's such a faff having to go through the process of interviews once you know you are the only person worthy of the job." Vrb phrs. victimised ironically to keep off significative the existent origins of the property. E.g."There's fat unplanned of acquiring me to do a dive jump!

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Terms used in Military Slang

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