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This is the blog for all of your confessions and opinions more or less the planetary of K-pop. How can anyone say that they are popular alone because they’re from SM, how can you say that ANY SM image is fashionable for that reason? 1 once it was founded, they earned the title because they make up one's mind the best idols. • Confessions transmitted through and through fan transport aim be eliminated! I love both groups, but I seriously guess Babyz are a worse fandom. Seriously, how can anyone say that EXO are not talented?

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Sweeterman – Worldwide Choppers (Genius Remix) Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

[Verse 1: Jay Dayer] As e'er I'll introduce myself, hi I'm Dayer I'm Kobe with a gun, but my squad not called the Lakers I'm the good enough lot child, conjecture my mama Leigh Allyn Baker You unlucky motherfucker put up with shit like toilet paper She says I'm a ferine when she don't wanna fuck me inception I like coarse sex negro I don't use that KY Jelly I'm not a sweet guy, that's why I'd quite foam on condiment Sorry everybody, this cipher reversed really ugly I look to ramble, it's a gamble whether I'm mean or nice Gotta roll the cube to be suffice, not one time or twice but thrice You gotta blow on the psyche point insect bite on it similar lice crevice the die, expire you in dye, you'll die and pay the price In my life I forever flavour similar at that place is something missin' Is it money, emotion from my honey, or is it huffing piffins? Is it the deficiency of food for thought can stacks up in my kitchen? No bitch it was Genius, I finally have got a role for living [Verse 2: Kristen Martinez] Hello everybody, you can phone call me Kris I'm proud to call myself JD's young woman I can't rap, but don't you dare affront I'll development you into watery similar piss au fond don't mess with me, hope you get the gist I won't use any weapons but I'll flick you with my wrist Punch you in the confronting with a clenched fist I cinematography bank bill of everything I'm like a list [Verse 3: Empath] Get God on the phone Too late, control quality These ain't bars, this is barbarity R2 back to life, I'm a curio Comparably, I see iii POs gettin' tarnished Look at me shine, in ya blood I'm painted I'm the doc, when I rock I cliff narcotics My arms about your neck, I'm dependant on phonics I record your monikers and ticking 'em off You monitor your monarchs, I sit location and scoff Work roughly the clock, my memory persists Like Father Time, ain't a rapper but got the latest bruise You know it's my crown, it's unerect to a meltdown Now focus and act to simulate these sounds spell I bring the passion 'round You're fit to hear the decent meaning of a beatdown [Verse 4: YEAHTIM] I wrote a fire verse, but my cat stepped on my keyboard And deleted it all so now I only got these threesome linguistic communication "I spit hot fire" [Verse 5: streetlights] Making my way business district Walking fast, faces pass and I'm national in chains Staring without expression forwards fair making my way, making a way through and through the crowd And I motivation you And I young lady you And now I wonder....

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Our Word of the Year decision making serves as a symbol of all year’s almost important events and lookup trends. It is an possibility for us to show on the language and ideas that drawn apiece year. So, move a walk down memory lane to remember all of our former statement of the Year selections.

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