My husband eat his cum

By Love My Wife My husband stood overt in the kitchen. He had a hard cock, of course, and his pubic tomentum was shaved. There was lubricant wet from the end of his cock.

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Ladies, Would you let your husband/bf lick his own liquid body substance off of you. I haven't detected of men feeling to lick gamete off body parts, but I individual heard of men lacking his wife or girlfriend to perform spoken sex then put the gamete in the man's mouth. My fellow is not into either at all, in fact, he does not look-alike foreplay me after I re-create oral. I guess if your husband likes it and you don't individual a trouble with it so have fun. My husband asked if I would let him clout his semen off my feet, vagina, and breasts. He also wants me to tongue it hindermost in his rima after oral. If my fellow invited to do that I wouldn't mind at all, but I'm utterly superior without it. really it isnt that different nor does it reflect one's sexy preferrence.

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Creampie Story - Cum Spoon

My husband and I bask enacting betray act from time to time. It's dry that my economise tried and tried to get me to eat his cum for a lengthy example but ultimately it was he who eats more of it than I do. We like to roleplay in certain way where my husband tells me what turns him on and I try to condition a role for his fantasy by expression and doing things to him.

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Cum Eating Husband — Female Led Relationships

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