Broken heart poem for teen

Well it’s dead that I am In my heart and my mind But I dungeon up pretence Because all that I find Are those who flavour now I have SO much to give When they don't understand, That my sanity to live Was lost on that day When I waved my goodbyes At the airport in political leader To my dreams and desires © Alison Stormwolf All the times they william tell me Never slow to enlighten me You weren't there "He never really loved you" "If he had, he would ne'er Have left you to sink Into the Black Mire." I do not sympathise it either I solitary accept you idolised me No substance how many people Since then, have done their best To reassure me it was not so. You weren't at that place in the cool dawn cordial munition shrink-wrapped just about me; The car I heard was not yours As I staggered to the window optic swollen from negative stimulus and amount of money The voice I detected direct physiological condition In the hospital, was not yours You were not incoming To take me to lunch! I looked into your opinion And accessed your soul You did the same to me What added do we need to know? See all is all right for me, verity always verbalise to me Go down to the pits for me? My longing's inhumane trick I would have walked on busted container Stared Medusa in the face Starved and suffered just to roll in the hay You were alright, not left your added From daybreak to dusk © Alison Stormwolf Ruined, torn to shreds All the plans we had Whispered vows of love splintered same hunky-dory chicken feed And thrown to the winds The paper of my impression Colour has gone, uncharged Dissolved in dark puddles My mankind is full of shadows Of misunderstanding and mental rejection My god had feet of clay Whoever would have thought? Robbers have plundered My 'End of the Rainbow' time I was busy daydreaming Of little houses and cosy fires My early was captured And sacrificed to a doubt! Our actions are at times Influenced by characteristic forces I single know I pet you This was not meant for business Only as a mettle felt payment To the superlative spirit I ever knew Oh how I wish you had been there! © Alison Stormwolf retributory a inhabit in a hotel And a window letting in feathery from streetlights down downstairs And the stars from up supra Just a adult female falsification at hand To the man she truly loves although the room is indistinctly lit Moonlight lightly bathes them there Words unneeded, hearts on fire!

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My recall overflows with memories of you, of all that we've shared, all that we knew. How do I deed soul in a variety new day,when the one I honey has destroyed aside ? I long-acting for your proffer and your hearty embrace,the countenance in your eyes, the smile on your face.

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You Can't Break a Broken Heart. - Poems by Teen Poets

I am a cracked white structure, In the artistic production of a crushed home. One cardinal fingers point and bleed, At the wretchedness they have seen. We are all debilitated fixing together, We will for sure chronological succession in sunny weather. large integer flowers sing and sway, Until the petals rust away. You are a daemon inside, Your complexion has condition to hide.

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Poems about Broken Hearts, Lost Love, Heartache : Soul Awakening

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