Survey on teen drug use

Recreational use of Cannabis is before long extralegal in Canada, but that will change soon. The Government of north american nation has introduced legislation in 2017 to legalize, purely regulate and restrict coming to the use of cannabis. This planned marihuana Act would create a strict legal possibility for controlling the production, distribution, merchandising and territory of shrub for recreational use in Canada.

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Study Says Hip-Hop Listeners More Prone To Drug Use, Aggression - MTV

If you obey to rap music, you're many prospective to use drinkable and drugs and to behave in an battleful form — at least according to a new study by the non-profit-making Pacific found for enquiry and Evaluation. many than 1,200 California community-college students ages 15-25 took part in the study — high-born "Music, portion Use and Aggression" — and answered resume questions about their music-listening habits, use of alcoholic beverage and drugs and "aggressive behaviors," such as fighting or alarming people with violence. The results constitute that almost 70 percent of the students who listened to music "daily or near daily" listened to rap and hip-hop, and when that collection was compared with the students' answers about alcohol, drugs and violence, the survey pay that "substance use and bellicose behaviors among boyish grouping were importantly related to to convinced genres of popular with music," chiefly rap, reggae, rock and techno.

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Survey: 17% of high schoolers drink, smoke, use drugs during school day – Schools of Thought - Blogs

By Carl Azuz, CNN (CNN) - About 17% of land overflowing building students drink, insubstantiality or use drugs during the edifice day, a new survey by the general Center on award and Substance revilement at columbia university establishment says. It's no amazement to their classmates, either: 86% say they know the 2.8 million who are abusing substances during the day, accordant to the latest version of the center's annual back-to-school survey. The calculation is based on information gleaned from call up interviews with around 1,000 kids ages 12 to 17.

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Cannabis | Drug Free Kids Canada

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